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The Circle is very similar to The Devil Wears Prada, The Giver, and 1984. Even bits and pieces of it remind me of Harry Potter too. It suggests danger. Mae Holland is similar to Andy Sachs from the Devil Wears Prada because both girls try to do crazy things simply for the sake of their position in the company. Meryl Streep or Miranda Priestly is a very domineering character just like how The Circle takes control of it’s employees. In The Giver, there is a set rule that privacy is theft. Everything in The Giver is controlled, there are no secrets. Same thing with 1984. Big Brother is watching. Perhaps a loss of individualistic identity is demolished, and sameness is promoted, as well as lack of freedom. In other words, you cannot be you under any circumstances because YOU suggests a danger that is not unstoppable but can be avoided if you run away from yourself.


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I don’t know about others, but I totally dislike the character Mae Holland. I don’t even know why she is the main character because there is not really much about her that sets her apart from others. She is very comparable to Isabella Swan from the failed Twilight books, because like Bella, Mae appears to be very whiny and always obeying what others expect of her without questioning anything. And the awkwardness comes when the same people who warn her about the motives behind The Circle also instigate her into justifying that The Circle does all that is beneficial to others. There have been quite a few times when Mae could have rectified and pointed out many of the conspiracies of the Circle, but the girl just gets carried away. 

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The Circle has no end. Everything is connected and the end eventually will lead to the beginning. The circle is closed. and that is where Mae Holland is. She is closed. Completely closed from privacy. She is not a thief, she shares everything, and she eventually will be a top rated employee. But she is a criminal of originality. If sharing is caring, then what belongs only to you?? When are you YOU?  

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The Attitude of Gratitude – a Productive Muslim’s Approach to Life

OK, so this is not an annoying way to advocate Islam, but seriously, after reading this article, I thought that the best part of it teaches an important life lesson: TO BE GRATEFUL!!!! Aaaaaaah!!! It is such a shame that we are taught to be competitors and in some way humans are greedy, be it for money, happiness, success, what have you. I myself am guilty of greed. I always wish to go away from home so ui can live my life. I crave vacations at least once a year and a bunch of other materialistic things and my worst fear is that one day i may be envious of others, though thankfully I know I’m not quite there yet. GRATITUDE!!! Sometimes FaceBook is not too bad when it shares some stress relieving things. After reading this article, I know what are the ten grateful things I have in my life:

1. Family- a mom who gives allowance to her unemployed daughter and who goes to work to buy ME designer shoes. Dad, thanks for those monthly unlimited metro Cards!

2. Friends- at least they did not ditch me for being unsocial

3. Graduatuion- BA Degree YAY!!!

4. I have a very large cosmetics collection, beauty is my passion.

5. Sufism is the greatest thing that has happened to me so far. Mysticism and spiritualism is so healthy!

6. The weather should be getting nicer.

7. Despite any issues, I totally love my significant other! No matter what, I’ am there for you, even if you don’t want to be with me. I ❤ You a million green m&ms!!!

8. Even though I consider myself hefty, I’ am still thankful for the beauty I have been blessed with , even though I do not have a small waist.

9. I am grateful for all of the life lessons I learned and continue to experience.

10. I love the person that I am.


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Ok, I’m starting to master the concept of digital storytelling. Please bear with me, I totally suck at drawing, and drawing with a mouse and keyboard is a tough challenge and requires bravery at it’s best level to present it. Also, try not to take notice of the nasty man voice. I’m no Taylor Swift, but not a bullfrog either.

Daily Create

The only internet go to I have is FaceBook and Youtube. Watching music videos are fun, and it is always good to keep up with what your friends and family are up to. Some of the posts on FaceBook are so stupid, like silly pictures of coke bottles and certain rubbish obscene things, but FaceBook remains a bad addiction. Being a lover of music and pretty DIY ideas, Youtube comes in handy too.